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Family Vacation: Travel Safety Tips for Kids

Family vacations are supposed to be fun, especially when you have kids. But traveling with kids, especially little ones, can be quite a challenge at times.

Whether you are traveling by plane or by car, safety should be your first priority. We have compiled a few great safety travel tips that you can use to help make your trip enjoyable and safe for you and your family.

Traveling by Airplane

Get your child his or her own seat when flying. If your child is under 2 years old, the FAA will allow him or her to travel on your lap during the flight. However, it is always recommended that you look into getting your child his or her own seat for the flight, just for safety’s sake.

If purchasing a ticket for your child is out of your budget, ask the airline if they offer discounts for young children, or see if you can book a flight with empty seats on it that you may be able to sit your child in for free.

Have everything packed and ready to go prior to your travel date. Packing everything at the last minute usually always results in panic, making you forget something anyway.

Pack a bag of age-appropriate toys and a bag of snacks before you head out to the airport. This will help keep your children from getting bored quickly.

Get to the airport early. You need to have enough time to check-in and go through security. It’s better to be early than late, so plan on getting there early.

Make sure your children are dressed in clothing and shoes that are easy to remove if needed for security screening.

Discuss security screening procedures with your little ones. Let them know that the security personnel at the airport will more than likely need to put their toys and belongings through an X-ray machine, but everything will be immediately returned back to them.

Always make your children aware that they should never even joke around and say things like “I have a weapon in my bag” or anything to that effect. It is against the law, and even children can get in trouble for saying things like that.

Traveling by Car

Make sure to bring a first-aid kit for your road trip. Always have band-aids, antiseptic wipes, ointment, and other first aid items packed in this kit.

Pack a travel kit filled with your child’s favorite snacks and toys. This will keep them from getting restless and irritable.

Always put young children and infants in the appropriate car seat. If you are renting a car and do not have your own car seat with you, ask the rental company if they can provide one for you. Not only is this for your child’s safety, it is the law.

Wear your seatbelt. You lead by example. If your child sees you wearing your seatbelt, they will be more inclined to wear theirs too.

Talk with your child throughout the road-trip. Point out exciting places or interesting sights that you see during your travels. Bring a few CD’s to sing along to with your child. It is fun and will keep your child from getting bored.

You need to plan on taking a break from driving every 2 hours, even if it just to stretch. It is good for you and your child’s health, and it gives you a break from driving.

Remember, vacations are supposed to be fun. Relax and enjoy a safe trip with your loved ones!

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