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Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance cameras are one of the most commonly used and most effective measures for protecting businesses, retail stores and residential properties from burglars and other intruders. Surveillance cameras have been used for years to protect commercial establishments such as offices, banks and stores. They are also widely used to protect gated residential communities, apartment complexes and, increasingly, single-family homes as well.

Monitor and Record All Activities

Video surveillance cameras are used to continuously record all activities that might be taking place within a specific location, such as the interior of a bank, a store or a home. Very often, such cameras are additionally used to monitor activities on the exterior of a building. Depending on your preferences, the images captured by such systems can be stored offline for an indefinite period of time. In many cases, though, the cameras are set to record over stored images every 24 hours or so.

Security Cameras Are an Effective Crime Deterrent

Images captured by video monitoring cameras serve as a record of events that might have taken place at a specific location. Often, they serve as a visual record of a burglary or other illegal activity, and are commonly used as evidence during trials. Numerous studies have shown that video cameras have a deterrent effect on crime and other illegal activities, resulting in improved business and home security. This is especially true when the cameras are placed in conspicuous and highly visible locations so that the occupants of a building or a store know their activities are being monitored and recorded.

Types of Security Monitoring Cameras

Manufacturers of surveillance cameras offer a range of formats and functions that are designed to cater to a broad range of customer requirements. View all types of home security cameras now!

  • Wired cameras are the most commonly used type of video monitoring cameras. These are devices that are typically used as part of a closed circuit TV monitoring system and are used to protect commercial buildings, banks and retail establishments.
  • A growing number of people have also begun using wireless cameras for security monitoring purposes. One of the biggest advantages of wireless cameras are that they are less expensive and are easier to install and remove compared to wired cameras.
  • Sometimes, businesses might use covert cameras to monitor their premises. These are surveillance cameras that are designed to be concealed and to operate in a surreptitious manner. Often, the covert cameras are concealed behind one-way mirrors, potted plants or retail store mannequins. They can usually be used to trigger a business or home alarm as an added feature.
  • Companies that can afford them sometimes also use night-vision cameras as an extra layer of protection. These are cameras that use night-vision technology to capture relatively clear black and white images even in total darkness. The cameras are typically used to protect high-value targets and to deter unwanted activities around the exterior of a building.

Fake Security Cameras

In addition to these types of cameras, many businesses and even residential complexes these days have begun using fake security cameras to deter crime. These are dummy surveillance cameras that are designed to appear exactly like a regular security camera. Though such systems cannot record anything, they often offer all of the same features that are available in regular cameras, such as pan and tilt functions. Fake cameras are inexpensive to purchase and to install compared to genuine security cameras. They are also effective at deterring unwanted activities, because people cannot tell the difference between a fake camera and a real one. The one big disadvantage with fake cameras is that you cannot use them as record in case a crime does occur on your property.

If you are concerned about the security of your business or home, consider installing surveillance cameras because they offer an easy and cost-effective way to bolster the security of any premises. Surveillance cameras are available for purchase from most spy shops and alarm companies.

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