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Free Home Alarm Quotes
It is always a good idea to do comparison shopping when purchasing any major item. The advice is especially true if you are planning to install a home alarm system in your property. Numerous national, regional and local companies offer home monitoring services these days and it can be difficult choosing the one that is right for your needs. So before making any decision, it is important for consumers to get and to compare home alarm quotes from several companies.

Until relatively recently, comparing home alarm quotes from multiple vendors was a tedious task. Consumers needed to contact each service provider separately, explain their requirements to each one and wait to receive a quote. The home alarm quotes were often non-standard, making it extremely difficult to directly compare one company’s offerings with that of another.

Compare Home Alarm Quotes Online in Minutes

Fortunately for consumers, free online comparison sites eliminate all of those headaches and make it very simple for consumers to do a quick side-by-side comparison of home alarm quotes. Such sites allow consumers to get quotes from up to four or five companies at the same time simply by entering their information into an online Web form and submitting it once. Free online comparison sites allow consumers to shop for their needs in one place and let them compare bids from not just large, well-known companies but also local service providers who might be able to provide the same service at lower cost.

Learn How to Get Home Alarm Quotes Online

Online quote comparison sites typically require consumers to submit their names, the address at which the service is being requested, a phone number and an email address. Many sites also require consumers to list their service requirements. In some cases, the site might want consumers simply to specify if they are looking to start service for the first time and whether the service is for a residential or commercial property. Other sites request consumers to provide more detailed information including the number of doors and windows they want alarmed and the time frame by when they want the system installed.

What to Look for When Comparing Security Quotes

Installation Fees

How much will it cost to install a home security system? Does the price of the installation include labor and equipment charges? Is there a down payment required before the installation can begin? If your system is part of a package deal that may include lower installation costs or even waived installation costs, make sure your home security system quote reflects it.

Monitoring Fees

Having a home alarm installed is great, but having alarm system monitoring is even better. Make sure that when you get a home security system quote that you ask for pricing to have your new system monitored too.

Service Fees

Most security companies offer service plans or maintenance agreements for their customers that would allow them the opportunity to pay a fixed amount for a service plan instead of paying on a per-call basis. This is often seen as a cost-effective way to budget for unexpected problems with an alarm system. Like all electronics, alarm systems are not immune from electrical issues or failures; therefore, it is recommended that you get a price for a service plan when you get a home security system quote.

Submit Once, Get Multiple Bids

Once consumers fill out and submit the information, they are matched with companies that can deliver the type of service being requested. In most cases, the responding companies submit their home alarm quotes directly to the consumer at the email address provided. The responses can come in as little as a few minutes to a few hours after the request is submitted. In many cases, the providers also follow up with phone calls to get more specific information from the consumer on their requirements. Consumers can then compare the quotes at their leisure and choose the company that makes the best fit for them.

Quote Comparisons Benefit Consumers & Alarm Companies

This kind of online comparison shopping has been available for other products and services for years but it is still a relatively new concept in the home alarm space. For consumers, the major benefit of such sites is that it allows them to receive and compare home alarm quotes from multiple companies, with a minimal amount of work. Such sites also allow consumers to get highly competitive rates because multiple home security companies are bidding for their work. Online quote comparison sites can also be advantageous for home alarm service providers, especially those that are small and highly localized. Such sites allow consumers to consider smaller home alarm providers that they may not have known about or considered previously.

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