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Home Automation
Home automation technologies allow you to centralize and to automate control of various home systems. You can use automation products to remotely control your home lighting, heating and air-conditioning systems. You can also use such products to remotely control your access control and home security systems, your home entertainment systems and even your home sprinkler system.

Automation Technologies are Getting Cheaper

Technology advances have made home automation technologies increasingly affordable and easy to use. Most automation products these days allow you to use your smart phone or any web-enabled device to perform functions such as turning on the lights in your home, adjusting the temperature, setting the home alarm system or programming your TV. The technology allows you to remotely control various components in your home regardless of whether you are inside the home or thousands of miles away.

Home Automation Resources

Check out the following smart home resources to learn more about home automation systems:

Benefits of Automation

There are many ways that you can benefit from home automation. For example, by centralizing and automating the control of your lighting and heating systems, you can manage home energy consumption much better. You can simply turn off your heating system during the day, for instance, and then turn it back on using your smart phone about an hour or so before returning home. Or, you could use the technology to adjust the brightness of your lights during different times of the day. You could also use it to monitor your video surveillance systems and burglar monitoring systems while you are at work or on vacation. Elderly and disabled individuals, in particular, can benefit greatly from products that automate functions that would otherwise require a caregiver’s help.

Automation Technologies Can Be Installed in Existing Homes

Many people assume that home automation products are expensive and cannot be installed in existing homes. The reality is that it takes relatively little money and effort to convert your home into a futuristic smart home. Homes that are being built can be easily outfitted with home automation technologies during the construction phase. Older homes can be retrofitted, almost as easily, with technologies that enable automation and remote control of home systems and appliances. Many vendors sell convenient technology kits that can be used to quickly convert a conventional home to a web-enabled smart home. A great example of home automation system is ADT Pulse.

For example, some vendors sell light and heating control kits. These are kits that you can use to enable automated control of lighting and heating in your entire home. The kits typically include light switches, dimmers, outlets and thermostats that you can use to replace your existing hardware. The kits typically include management software that you can use to configure all the new dimmers, lights and thermostats to your desired settings. A wireless communication interface supplied with such kits allows you to manage and configure the settings from your smart phone, PC or other web enabled device.

Questions to Consider When Implementing Automation

When setting out to implement home automation technologies in your home, it is a good idea to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Decide which areas of your home you want to automate.
  • Automating an entire home all at once can get expensive. One strategy to keep the costs manageable is to implement automation in a phased manner. Decide which room or rooms you want to automate first, and continue updating from there over time.
  • Decide what functions you want to automate. Is it just the lighting and heating functions that you want to automate? Or, do you also want to automate your home security system, home entertainment systems and other functions?
  • Do you want a hardwired system or a wireless system? Hardwired systems are more reliable and mature, but they are also costlier and require professional installation.

Innovations in home automation technologies have made them increasingly accessible and affordable, so, if you have been dreaming about making your home a smart home, now may be the right time to start making that dream a reality.

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