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Frontpoint Security Solutions FAQ

Buying a home security system is a big decision for many families and one that should not be taken lightly. Frontpoint Security Solutions is a company that offers do-it-yourself home security systems to families all over the country. If you have gone over your options and decided that installing a home security system yourself is the perfect solution to your families home security needs, Frontpoint Security Solutions would be the company to choose.

Listed below are just a few common questions that are asked about Frontpoint Security Solutions and their do-it-yourself approach to home security.

How long has Frontpoint Security Solutions been in business?

Frontpoint Security Solutions was started in 2005. The founders of Frontpoint Security Solutions wanted to create an alarm company that was totally different than the alarm companies that were out at the time. They wanted to use the latest and the greatest technology available to create their home security systems.

What type of alarm equipment does Frontpoint Security Solutions offer?

Frontpoint Security offers completely wireless alarm systems to their customers. Wireless alarm systems are fast and easy to install, and they are very reliable. Frontpoint Security Solutions is also considered one of the fastest growing GE Security dealers today.

Is a Frontpoint Security Solutions alarm system really that easy to install?

There have been several reviews on television, online, and in print where a Frontpoint Security alarm system was touted as being one of the easiest alarm systems ever to install. Many satisfied customers of Frontpoint Security have raved about the ease of installation and how simple it was to secure their home. Some even report installing their Frontpoint Security system in less than 30 minutes.

How do I know if I installed my alarm system correctly?

Not only does your Frontpoint Security system come with explicit instructions, they also have professional security consultants available to call that can help you if needed. After your security system is installed, you will need to contact Frontpoint Security to activate your new alarm system. They will then make sure everything was installed and is working correctly.

Do I need a phone line to have my Frontpoint Security Solutions alarm system monitored?

No. In fact, a Frontpoint Security alarm system has a built-in cellular link that will allow your alarm system to be monitored with no phone line at all. Frontpoint Security offers this service at no additional cost to their customers. Burglars can disable a phone line in seconds which makes cellular monitoring the premier choice for alarm monitoring today.

What are the benefits to having a Frontpoint Security Solutions alarm system?

Besides the fact that Frontpoint Security offers extremely affordable and reliable alarm systems that can be installed in minutes, the company also offers unique services to their alarm subscribers. They offer online interactive features such as remote arming and disarming, viewing of recent activity, and more. Not many alarm companies offer these unique and very technologically advanced services.

Does Frontpoint Security Solutions offer any other products other than burglar alarms?

Yes. There are many additional products that can be added on to any Frontpoint Security alarm system. Carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and wireless security cameras are just some of the many options available to Frontpoint Security Solutions customers.

I rent a home, is Frontpoint Security still an option for me?

Absolutely! Since a Frontpoint Security system is 100% wireless, you can easily install the system in your rental and take it with you when you move.

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