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Fire Alarms for Homeowners & Businesses

Fire Alarm SystemWe all know that fires can occur at any time and for many different reasons. Thankfully, there are various fire alarms available that can offer protection in the event a fire does break out in your home, whether you are there or not.

Types of Devices Available For Fire Protection

Though most homes do not need full-fledged fire alarms installed in them, it’s nice to have at least a few smoke detectors tied in with your monitored burglar alarm system. Ionization, photoelectric, and dual-tech smoke detectors are currently the most popular smoke detectors used for residential fire alarms.

Heat detectors work much differently than smoke detectors do. Rather than detecting smoke, a heat detector will monitor dramatic changes in temperature. Most heat sensors are programmed to go into an alarm condition once the temperature reaches 135 degrees. Heat detectors are perfect for those concerned with the possibility of false alarms, but they can be more expensive than smoke detectors.

Where Smoke and Heat Detectors Should Be Placed

Proper placement of smoke and heat detectors is very important. Smoke detectors should never be installed in kitchens or in garages. In kitchens, certain smells from cooking could easily cause false alarms. In garages, fumes from a car or other distinct odors could cause the smoke detectors to false as well. Heat detectors should be installed in both the garage and in the kitchen if fire protection is desired in those areas.

As far as placement throughout the home, it is suggested that a smoke detector be installed on each floor of the residence and outside of each bedroom in the home. If you or your children sleep with the bedroom doors closed, install the smoke detectors inside of the bedrooms instead. You will not be able to hear the fire alarms if the smoke detectors are installed in the hallway and the bedroom doors are closed.

Use a Keypad Fire Button for Extra Protection

Most alarm keypads provide a fire button that can be enabled to offer additional fire protection. When pressed, the 24/7 monitoring center will be notified of a possible fire at the residence and help will be on the way. A fire button will only work when physically pressed; therefore, it should only be used as a back-up to other fire alarm systems installed in the home.

When shopping for fire protection for your home, it’s best to get help from the professionals. Fire alarms are significant life safety devices that need to be chosen with care and installed correctly in order to provide the protection they were designed to offer.

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