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What is Cellular Alarm Monitoring?

Burglars are a lot smarter these days. They figured out that if they cut the phone lines to a home that is connected to a 24/7 alarm monitoring company that the communications would seize. They would be able to break in, burglarize the home, and be on their way without the monitoring center ever getting a signal. What the burglars didn’t expect was the security companies to come back with an even better way to monitor an alarm system; a way that would allow it to be monitored without the need of a phone line. That way came in the form of cellular alarm monitoring.

Importance of Cellular Alarm Monitoring

Years ago, most high-security places such as jewelry stores and banks needed a way for their alarm systems to communicate in the event that their phone lines were cut during a robbery. Some insurance companies even required some sort of phone line protection in order to extend insurance coverage to many of these businesses. Security companies quickly began offering cellular radio monitoring as a back-up alarm monitoring service that would kick in if the phone line was ever cut.

Depending on how the system was programmed, the central station monitoring the alarm system would either get a signal as soon as a burglar tampered with the phone line or they would get a signal from the cellular radio once the burglar attempted to break in through a protected zone. While this type of alarm monitoring service was very reliable, it was mainly only used in businesses that needed the back-up protection and were willing to pay higher fees for the service.

Evolution of Cellular Alarm Monitoring

Over time, as individuals started migrating to VoIP home phone service or getting rid of their phone service altogether, the need for another method of primary alarm transmission became apparent. Suddenly, more businesses and homes began using cellular alarm monitoring as the primary way for their alarm system to communicate with their security monitoring center. As the demand grew for this type of technology, more security companies started offering cellular alarm monitoring, and the prices for the service became more competitive.

Though the home security industry has been utilizing cellular technology for quite some time now, having an alarm monitored via a cellular radio has become more popular nowadays than it has ever been. Not only are more and more thieves still disabling phone lines in an attempt to cut off a home from its alarm monitoring company, homeowners are dropping their phone lines in record numbers. The best way to solve both of these issues is to have an alarm monitored via a cellular radio. Cellular alarm monitoring is not only inexpensive these days, it is also very effective!

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