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Burglar Alarm System: Monitored vs. Unmonitored

Why would anyone want to pay for a monitored alarm system? This is a very common question and a question worth answering in detail. Besides, asking that question is almost like asking, “Why drive a car with no car insurance?” If you want to know a few good reasons why every home needs an alarm system and why that alarm system needs to be monitored, read further.

What are the Differences Between a Monitored and Unmonitored Alarm System?

A system that is not programmed to send a signal to a monitoring center is called a local or a non-monitored alarm system. That means that when the alarm trips, nobody responds to the signal. If a home has an indoor or an outdoor siren, it will ring there. If there are strobe lights installed, those will flash indicating an alarm tripped. That is it. There is no monitoring company, no police notifications, nothing.

Living in the city, where you are sure to have neighbors living nearby, you might be able to get by with an unmonitored burglar alarm system. By doing so, you will be entrusting your neighbors to listen out for a ringing alarm siren coming from your home, anytime you are not there. That is, if there is a siren installed on your system.

However, if the unmonitored system in your home has a history of false alarms, chances are your neighbors are not going to be so enthusiastic to see what is going on every time your siren sounds. They may even ignore your burglar alarm system altogether. Eventually, someone else in the neighborhood might even call the police, and you could end up being fined for the nuisance of your blaring burglar alarm siren.

Every 15 seconds, a home somewhere in America is burglarized. Having a monitored burglar alarm system can help save your home from becoming another home burglary statistic. In fact, homes with monitored alarm systems installed in them are far less likely to experience a break-in than those without them.

Once a burglar attempts to enter a home through a protected zone on a monitored alarm system, the alarm trips and transmits a signal to the monitoring center. Whether you chose to be notified or if you wanted the monitoring company to call you, the calls will be made as soon as the signal is received.

Benefits of Having a Monitored Alarm System

Having your burglar alarm system professionally installed and monitored will benefit you in many ways. For one, a professional alarm technician knows how to install alarms correctly to limit false alarm issues. For instance, if there were pets in the home at the time of installation, the installer would use pet immune motion detectors to limit false alarms caused by them.

Secondly, if the alarm system in your home begins to false alarm, an alarm monitoring company has the capability of letting you know. For example, if they see the same zone coming in day after day, a good alarm monitoring company will call you to advise you, rather than call the police every single time they receive the signal. This helps you isolate the false alarm problem and gives you time to get your burglar alarm system serviced, if that is what it needs.

Lastly, with a monitored intrusion alarm, you do not need to worry about relying on neighbors to look out for your home when you are not around. It also means that you do not need to put your neighbors in harm’s way, if for some reason they respond to your alarm to find an armed burglar inside of your home.

Alarm monitoring companies are staffed 24/7/365, which means that if you have a monitored alarm system in your home, you have around-the-clock burglary protection. This protection is not free, although alarm-monitoring services cost a lot less than you might think. In fact, having a monitored burglar alarm system is more affordable now and easier to get than ever before.

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